Frequently Asked Questions

How does therapy work?

Many people have questions about therapy. Therapy is an individual process, and each client’s needs are different. Some clients seek therapy for short-term treatment and others work with their therapist for years. Therapy is a journey and an investment in feeling better emotionally, mentally, sexually, and behaviorally. Each therapist at CHRIS uses various therapeutic modalities and their own style to meet their clients’ needs. Please see each therapist’s page for more information on their approach. 

Do you take insurance?

Therapists at CHRIS do not accept insurance directly. Therapists who are licensed can provide statements, often referred to as a “superbill” allowing reimbursement for clients who have Out of Network (OON) Benefits. Those who seek OON reimbursement should consult with their insurance provider to make sure they have such benefits, to inquire if there is a deductible for services, and how much they might receive back from the insurance company upon submission of the statement. As benefits differ, therapists cannot provide guidance on how much you may or may not receive back. 

Why work with an Out of Network or Private Pay provider over an insurance-based provider?

While insurance can aid in access to care, it also aids in insurance providers having access to your records. Therapists providing services through private pay are not required to automatically submit information to insurance providers. This ensures the privacy of your mental, sexual, emotional, and behavioral health matters. Exceptions to this are when a client requests their records be shared through an Authorization to Release Information form or when clients provide statements to their insurance provider for OON. When clients provide statements for OON benefits, diagnostic and service codes are used for billing purposes.

What is the No Surprises Act? What is a Good Faith Estimate.

The No Surprises Act, created by Congress, requires medical and mental health providers to give clients an estimate, known as the Good Faith Estimate, of what they can expect to pay for a given service. Therapists at CHRIS do this by verbally telling clients the cost per session as well as by noting their rates on the website on the individual provider’s webpage. Additionally, a shortened version of the No Surprises Act and Good Faith Estimate are within the intake form. Additionally, a longer pdf version is available to clients on the Forms tab under the Perspective Clients menu. If you have questions about the cost per session, please speak to your individual provider.

How long are the sessions?

A session is generally 50 minutes in duration. 

How much are the sessions?

Session rates vary depending on the therapist. Therapists set their rates based on their training, years of experience, and specialties. Please review the therapist’s page for rates.

How many sessions will I need?

It is not possible to give an exact number of sessions or the number of months a client will be in therapy. Some clients work with a therapist for a short time. Other clients attend therapy for several years. 

Will you record our sessions?

Sessions typically are not recorded. Occasionally, therapists request to record sessions for supervision and case consultation purposes. When a therapist wishes to do so, they will request this of the client first and consent to record will be obtained before the session. The consent to record can be revoked at any time.

Can I record the sessions?

No, you are not permitted to record the session unless otherwise discussed with your therapist and consent for recording is obtained.

How do I get started?

You may reach out to a set provider through their email or phone number listed on their therapist page. You may also use the general email You may also reach out to the Director of CHRIS, Chris Wilson, via email or by phone at or 484-469-8705. 

How do I access intake forms?

You may reach out to the therapist you wish to work with, and they will send you electronic copies. PDF versions of intake forms are also available via the Forms tab. Complete these and email them directly to your provider.