Prospective Clients

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a team of LGBTQ identified providers, but we work with people from a variety of backgrounds. Please take a moment to review the information using the menu tabs above.

The About the Center menu is a great place to visit for general information regarding the importance of therapy, how CHRIS is different than other therapists networks, the history of CHRIS & present direction of CHRIS, and the pros & cons of in-person and virtual therapy. The Therapists menu provides detailed profiles for each therapist who is a part of CHRIS. The Clinical Services page provides a basic overview of the various services we provide. The Prospective Clients section provides information on Frequently Asked Questions, access to forms, trusted referral sources, and crisis hotlines. The Contact, Location, Hours, & Fee menu provides a run down of all these items.

If you have any additional questions, you may reach out to the Director of CHRIS, Chris Wilson, PhD by email at or by phone at 484-469-8705.