Human Sexuality

Lost the Spark

Dear Liza I’m a gay man, in a long-term relationship, with another man and my partner and I have always had a healthy sex life. However, recently I’ve noticed that my desire for sex has decreased significantly, and I’m not sure why. This is starting to cause some tension between us, as my partner has […]

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Considering It

Dear Liza, As a lesbian, I’m curious about your thoughts on non monogamy. What advice do you have for queer women considering non-monogamous relationships, and how can we ensure they are healthy and consensual? Signed, Considering It Dear Considering It, This is an excellent question! Many folks are currently in happy and healthy non-monogamous or

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Feeling Confused

Dear Liza,         I’m a 34 year old Non-Binary (or NB) person and I am currently in a quite new, six month relationship. This relationship is with a Cis gay man. So far, things between us have been absolutely wonderful.  However, the other night I woke up and went to grab a snack.

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